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Smart Benefits: 5 Reasons Why Healthcare Reform Hurts Workers


What: As Vice President at the Cornerstone Group, Amy Gallagher advises large employers on long-term cost-containment strategies. She points out 5 reasons why healthcare reform may end up hurting workers:

  1. Not all employees will receive subsidies for purchasing through the Exchange.
  2. There’s no guarantee employers will give pay raises to bridge the difference.
  3. Employees will lose employer deductible contributions.
  4. Employees will be on their own to make coverage decisions.
  5. Healthcare costs will still increase.

Why: As the Affordable Care Act goes into implementation, stakeholders on both sides will be upping the ante when it comes to making their cases for supporting or opposing the legislation. It is probably too soon to tell at this point who will win the argument – and whether it will be a moot point anyway.

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