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Update on WannaCry Ransomware Worm [55]


Update on WannaCry Ransomware Worm

How to Protect Your Practice from Attack

Guest Mike Meikle of SecureHIM. Mr. Meikle discusses the impact that this cyber-attack has had on various industries especially healthcare entities. [As of this posting, some patches have been made available to computer users; however, the WannaCry ransomware worm is not completely ‘dead’. Also, the advice in this podcast applies to other varieties of ransomware – Ed.]

This issue (14:10):

  • What is ‘phishing’ and what are some examples?
  • Why the WannaCry worm has been particularly devastating
  • What are the next actions that medical practices should take to protect their data?

Some additional resources:

Mike Meikle, CEO of SecureHIM – contact Mike for a free first consultation

Data Breach Today article on WannaCry Ransomware Worm

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