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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 53: How Cloud Computing is Changing to Meet the Needs of Healthcare

MPT Podcast 53 – How Cloud Computing is Changing to Meet the Needs of Healthcare, with guest Mike Meikle of SecureHIM Inc. Mr. Meikle explains what cloud computing is and how it is impacting different aspects of healthcare delivery. Many people do not understand the concept of cloud computing, which is understandable. There is always room for people to learn and get to grips with what’s going on in the world of computing. There are many advantages of cloud computing, such as less storage being used on any device. It would benefit anyone who wants to find more info on this topic to do a quick internet search and through this podcast too!

This Issue (8:46):

  • What exactly is cloud computing?
  • How can cloud computing make healthcare delivery more efficient?
  • How do cloud computing applications play in the realm of HIPAA?

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