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5 Tips for Getting More Referrals for Your Medical Practice

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What’s the best way to increase your referrals? Notice your successes and build on them, according to, a blog written by surgeon Vicki Rackner, MD.

She plays a clip of Sandra Bird, marketing exec for the Hard Rock Cafe, explaining how it went from a hole-in-wall diner to an iconic tourist attraction. Don’t think that is relevant to your practice? Well, you can always learn something from successful businesses, even if they’re in a totally different industry.

Here are her tips for getting more referrals to your practice:

  1. Think referrals – not just clinical outcomes
  2. Identify trends – where are your referrals generally coming from?
  3. Get specific – if a patient says she found you on the internet, ask “What keywords did you enter?” [I use this one myself]
  4. Say ‘Thank you’
  5. Reproduce success – find out what your major referral sources want and need and deliver even more value

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