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How to Keep Your Company Driving & Thriving in a Competitive Business World [110]

Nurse - MPT

Brent R. Tilson, author of the best-selling book “Go Slow to Grow Fast,” explains his Quad 4 Methodology and why employees are the most-overlooked part of the equation when it comes to business success.

This issue (31:54):

  • The genesis and the importance of the LifeLine graph for a business
  • How you can tell whether you are in the Drama Zone or the Driving Zone
  • How do you know if your business is growing too fast?
  • Why morale is an important symptom of a major problem
  • Why Revenue Per Employee (RPE) is such a critical metric
  • The Four Stages of Competence and its relationship to the Quad 4 Methodology
  • What is the significance of the Power of 10 to 1?
  • Effectiveness vs Efficiency
  • What are guidelines for making your people more effective?
  • What is the definition of a high-performing company and how can you get there?