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Building A Strong Office Culture [107]

Building a Strong Office Culture

Guest: Tristan White, The Physio Co

Tristan White, Founder and CEO of the Physio Co and author of “Culture is Everything” shares his entrepreneurial journey in creating a healthcare business ranked #1 on Australia’s 50 Best Places to Work and the importance of developing a strong culture in your business.

This issue (23:40):

  • The 4 key foundations of a world-class culture
  • The importance of hiring the right people to help build your desired culture
  • Leading people: the best ways to motivate your team
  • How a culture-based business can free you from feeling “stuck”
  • 5 questions to ask to ensure you’re hiring the right people for your desired culture
  • “To The Point”: Tristan’s tried-and-true system for celebrating successes as a team

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