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Using Social Media to Connect with Your Patients

Although most kids these days spend most of their time on social media, you may be asking how this is relevant to your medical practice. But did you know that most Fortune 500 companies have embraced social media marketing in addition to more traditional venues such as a company website?

So why should your practice be any different? Your website (you do have a website, don’t you?) should have basic information that the average person has come to expect from a business website (see an earlier post entitled Does Your Website Suck?) such as hours, locations with maps, physicians’ bios, etc. But social media offers patients other faces of your business – more personal and informal.

In this post on Manage My Practice, Jamie Verkamp discusses how medical practices can go beyond the traditional website by taking advantage of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach their target audience, which is becoming increasingly internet-savvy.

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