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User-Friendly IT Can Help to Engage Patients

Patient portals designed to be like video games and other online gadgets can not only help engage patients with their physician but perhaps improve compliance with medications and wellness regimens, according to an article on Unfortunately, the sort of patients that are most likely to benefit from these resources may also be the least likely to take advantage of them.

Sure, there are individuals who love trying out the newest web-based fitness gadgets and apps, tracking their physical activity with mobile devices, and entering their progress into personal health records, such as Google Health. But those people aren’t in the majority, nor are they the ones most likely to end up in ER with preventable complications from chronic illnesses.

Insurance providers are already getting on the bandwagon. It turns out that as patients start using these tools, the information can be run through sophisticated analytics programs. These in turn can shed light on chronically-ill patients slipping through the cracks as well as cutting hospital costs by identifying risk factors for re-admissions.

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