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Bonus Resource – The Techie’s Guide to EHR Implementation

For those of you tasked with the actual implementation of electronic medical records in your practice or business – CIO, Director of IT, Administrator – here is a nice guide to EHR implementation courtesy of CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives).

CLICK HERE to download the PDF

Although it does present the topic from a technical perspective, it does also cover issues important to the CIO or Director of IT such as assessing the financial incentives weighed against implementation costs and a discussion about the importance of the ‘people factor’ as I have previously discussed: (see How to Prepare Your Team for EMR Implementation and The Right People for Your EMR Implementation)

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  1. Here is a useful new website you might want to consider:

    Biomedical Device Integration Tech Corner

    “An archive of technical documents, protocols, standards and procedures useful for clinical engineers and IT professionals involved in biomedical device integration and connectivity to electronic medical records (EMR)”

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