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Bonus Resource: How to Qualify for EMR Stimulus Funds

One of the most common questions we get is, “How to we qualify for the financial incentives for EMR implementation?” Even so, we would think this should be everyone’s number one question. After all, the costs of both the EMR software and the associated hardware are not insignificant. Who is going to pay for all of that? You are.

But what if the government gave you a nice, fat check for your efforts? Say, about $44,000 per provider over the next five years?

Ah, but there is a catch. Or, several catches to be exact. These fall under the area of what is known as “meaningful use“. In order to qualify for these funds, a provider must be able to show he or she has met certain goals or objectives.

Medical Practice Trends has partnered with the folks at to give you a guide on How to Qualify for EMR/EHR Stimulus Funds.

Click Here for more information

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