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Public vs Private Healthcare Around the World – InfoGraphic

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Public vs Private Healthcare Around the World | Infographic |
Via:MPH Degree


A couple of thoughts on this: I read an article stating that the main reason the health care expenditures in the US are so high is because doctors here are overpaid relative to physicians in these other countries, and that doctors make 5x what their patients make on average compared to 3x in these other countries. What these figures don’t take into account is that in the rest of world, much of the schooling is paid for by the government whereas here most doctors finish their training with hefty student loans And we also have to deal with higher liability expenses.

But most of what is on this chart is eye-opening. The current model is unsustainable. Many practices are also feeling the increasing burden of providing health care insurance for their own employees, which has seen 20-30% increases in premiums annually for the last few years. Something has to give. I guess the best way to describe this is that the United States has the best healthcare credit can buy. But sooner or later the bill is due.

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