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Knowing Your Physicians is Key to EHR Success

It seems that the importance of physician ‘buy-in’ is a hot topic these days. An article on Healthcare Technology Online, John Santangelo, director of information technology at Cleveland Clinic Florida, describes three different types of physicians as they relate to the success of EHR implementation:

  1. Old-school Docs – most set in their way and most likely to oppose EHR
  2. Wildcards – not excited about change but not necessarily opposed to EHR
  3. Residents, fellows, and students – most technologically savvy and will probably expect to use an EHR system in their own practice

These are sort of broad descriptions of the personality types you may have to deal with. But if you are the ‘champion’ of your EMR project, expect to see all manner of types across the spectrum, from down-right enthusiasm to overtly passive-aggressive. An increasingly common component in technology implementations – and EHR is no exception – is the principle of change management, or dealing with the people side of the endeavor.

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