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Keeping Your Practice in Compliance

Is your medical practice in compliance with government regulations? A post on the Medical Group Management Association blog discusses the top 5 compliance issues for medical practices and how to avoid them. With the federal government investing in audits more than ever (apparently they get about $6 for every $1 spent on fraud investigation), it is important to be aware of the areas which are most likely to get you into trouble:

  1. Disclosing privileged information to family and friends – a doctor’s spouse is not entitled to patient information
  2. Surviving a RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) audit – the most common citation is not following your own written guidelines
  3. Duty to report – reporting a compliance violation is everyone’s duty
  4. Safeguarding privacy – not only from non-practice personnel but also from employees who don’t necessarily have a need-to-know
  5. Gifts and gratuities – gifts to employees from patients should be reported if they exceed a value of $50

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