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Bonus Resource: Healthcare Reform Bill Timeline

Some say that creating legislation is like making sausage: it’s not a pretty thing to see (see The Inside Scoop on Healthcare Reform). And while there is no guarantee that the bill that was recently signed will ultimately go forward in its present form, here is a useful graphic to give you an overview of the timeline of its elements. Thanks go to the folks at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

To download a copy of the pdf just click on this link: Healthcare Bill Timeline


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  1. Brilliant Job! This must have taken a ton of time and I am grateful for the effort.

    I do have one question. Above the January 1, 2011 are three bubbles, two of which mention “MLR”, could you explain that to me?

    Thanks again….. WOW!

    • Tom, sorry, I missed that one. MLR is medical loss ratio, the percentage of premiums that an insurance plan must spend on actual patient services. In other words, the majority of the money has to be used for what it was intended, i.e., patient care, not marketing, lobbying, etc.

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