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GZS Releases WebTracker-Hemophilia EHR Patient Registry System

Who: News-Medical.Net

What: GZS, Inc., a leader in developing disease-specific and condition-specific Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) and patient registry software solutions, has announced the worldwide release of the WebTracker-Hemophilia EHR patient registry solution used under the new brand name HemaGlobal. HemaGlobal is a full-purpose EMR/EHR patient registry system that serves as a stable, scalable platform for integrating data from multiple sources, such as from pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and record archives, and in industry standard formats, including popular front-office applications and mainframe applications with HL-7 interface connectivity.

Why: With the release of HemaGlobal, outcomes studies can be conducted on a global scale for the first time. The EMR/EHR patient registry system is used by virtually all Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) in the U.S. to treat patients with bleeding and clotting disorders and to report high quality de-identified patient data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



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