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Will Google Health Influence Health System Reform?

Although written two years ago, a post by Vince Kuraitis on the e-CareManagement blog seems timely:

“Google Health promises to simutaneously create and dominate the market for next generation personal health records (PHRs). There is nothing else in our solar system or in the entire universe like it.”

What follows is an extensive analysis on the impact that Google could have on not only the individual patient but also on health system reform itself.

So, has anything changed since then? Well, there is still no central repository for PHRs. But with the heated debate about health system reform, Google, Microsoft, and their ilk are trying to stay in the fray. In fact, they aren’t too happy with what they are hearing from the Obama administration regarding health information technology (Health IT).

They would like to see Health IT information rolled out on web-based platforms (theirs, of course) instead of the network of “outdated database systems” that they feel the government is proposing.

What do you think? Do Google and Microsoft have our best interests in mind?

Is your personal health information fair game for free market capitalism?

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