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Electronic Health Records (EMR) Vendors – Points to Consider

Guest Post

Selecting an EMR system for your medical practice is a very challenging task due to the rapid development in that field for last few years. According to a research study, there are about 400 EMR vendors alone in the state of Los Angeles and California. Choosing the right EMR vendor is as important as choosing for the software itself. The element of reliability is very important because if it lacks that factor then there is no point of spending so much money on implementing EMR software for your medical practice.

So, if you are planning to have your own EMR system for practice, before buying the software the first thing that should be done is selection of the right EMR vendor. Following are the few points which will give you a guideline in carrying out the market research:

1. Checking the track record:

Evaluation of an EMR vendor can be done by reviewing their track record. Read the testimonials about their services and their success stories, this will help you in sorting out the right one for your requirements. Think of the EMR vendor as your partner and take a short interview before making up the final decision. Check the company history and their mission statement about the running business.

2. Evaluate your needs:

Before looking for an EMR vendor and getting confused with the services and features that they are offering, Make a clear list of what services and features that you actually require. This can be done by comparing it with the existing services you have implemented. This will save a lot your time once your clear with your depends or the type of system u want.

3. Consultation:

Before opting for EMR software, consult with different physicians who have been using the software for quite some time. Also, if you have any particular vendor in mind, check their clients and then compare and contrast with other vendors. Getting an opinion for complicated software like EMR is always beneficial in the long run.

4. Keep your questions ready:

Once you have evaluated your needs, and you are ready to go into the EMR market, make sure you have handful of important questions that are needed to ask. These questions can range from basic services to the more complicated ones including training procedures and the long term benefits. These Q/A sessions are extremely important because this would determine not only your commitment to your practice but also the efficiency of the vendor.

5. Training Issues:

Training is the backbone of the proper implementation of EMR system. Ask the vendor about their terms and conditions they are offering for training session. Learn about the onsite and online training manuals and demos. And also ask the vendor about the operating system and your requirements.

6. Manage your results:

After doing your market surveys write down your results. Don’t jump to any conclusions. It is wise to get back to your sales team or your staff, consult with them before making any final decision to proceed with a particular vendor. Also consider the differences very carefully because a physician with a newly established medical practice would be having different needs than the one who has been in business for a long time.

Daniel Ray MD Healthcare EMR | EHR Systems

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