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EMR News 10/17/2011

The Latest EMR and Meaningful News from Blogs and Social Media 10/17/2011

From Jim Tate, Meaningful Use Expert:

Do Specialists have to meet all meaningful use objectives

There are two questions from Eligible Professional specialists about the CMS EHR Incentives that I’m asked over and over again. Today, let’s answer one of them and hopefully put it to rest. Do specialists have to meet all of

From Channel Intel:

The ABC’s of Meeting Meaningful Use

If you’ve looked into implementing an electronic health record, or EHR system, you’re probably familiar with the term “Meaningful Use.” But do you really know what it means, or more importantly, the benefits it may provide you in the short and long t…


From the Twitterverse:

RT @ahier: NCVHS says it’s too soon to add #EHR metadata to #MeaningfulUse (via @HDMmagazine)

By HITAdvisor at 10/13/2011 18:29

Data Capture Pen Gets Meaningful Use Certification #healthIT #EHR

By stevez at 10/13/2011 18:25

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