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EHRs are Easy Prey, But All is Not Lost

According to an article on, the EMR/EHR market in the US will reach $6 billion by 2015. And where there’s money, there is crime. In recent years there has been a surge in data breaches, and as medical practices move into the digitized world more and more of these cases will involve patient data.

Christopher Burgess, an expert on IT security, says that most of these breaches occur at a base level: stolen laptops or lost some drives. Some practices feel they can avoid any problems by using Web hosted EMR systems, but even this is not a sure bet. While companies that run their software in the cloud do have more sophisticated hardware and security measures, they are not invulnerable to attack. And as the covered entity, the medical practitioner has an obligation to understand just how safe his or her patient information is.



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