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Does Your Practice Website Suck?

It wasn’t too long ago that very few medical practices had a website (we’ve had one since about 1997). But times have changed. Now, the strong majority of medical practices have had a website designed, using things like cheap web hosting to get their name out on the internet. And now some would argue that having a bad website is better than not having one at all. I would counter that, in today’s age of short attention spans and universal branding, a medical practice has no excuse for having a poorly designed website.

An article by The Entrepreneurial MD blog lays down some basic principles for an effective practice website, including:

  • Content written in patient-friendly language
  • Physicians’ biographies are included and contain some personal and more informal information
  • There is an accompanying Facebook page
  • Fresh content is added in a timely fashion and includes questions frequently asked by patients
  • The practice’s hours, locations with maps, and policies are clearly spelled out

In addition to having a Facebook page, your practice should consider building its website using a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal so that someone in your office can easily update the content and you are not reliant on an outsourced webmaster for simple updates.

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