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Cloud-based PM Software Targets Orthodontic Practices


What: Focus Ortho is announcing the launch of its cloud-based practice management system designed specifically for orthodontics practices. It features a streamlined interface to manage orthodontic practices and advanced software design that allows offices to access patient data from a single screen, according to the company. Treatment history, finances, notes, progress data, and more are all contained in sortable lists that yield a consistent interface. The Web portal allows patients to view practice, appointment, and financial information online. Patients can fill out forms, confirm appointments, view their account history, and even pay bills online, the company noted.This system can also be run as a server-based, on-site solution.

Why: Cloud-based practice management and EHR systems are becoming increasingly available to medical doctors and dental practitioners alike. The benefits of cloud-based systems include lower up-front costs and setup. The downside includes being vulnerable to interruptions in internet connections.


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