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Can This App Hack Your Cloud-Based EMR?

The Edmonton Journal reports that a hacker has developed a $200 app that can decipher a “widely used virtual private network (VPN – possibly from vpn canada) technology known as point-to-point tunneling protocol.”

Why did he do this? Well, many hackers just like him claim that they do it to encourage computer operating system makers to develop safer technology for their customers. There are a lot of people that like to be as private as possible online by doing things like using a VPN and choosing to buy bitcoin in india as a way to keep anonymous so they hope that these companies do manage to make a more secure OS.

What does this mean to your medical practice? That is unclear right now. But it is possible that electronic medical records systems that operate over the web, or cloud-based EMR systems, may be vulnerable to interception and that could potentially expose patient medical information to outsiders.

Users of cloud-based EMR systems might want to ask their vendors if they are at risk from such a threat.

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