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California Bans Human RFID Tagging

If you were wondering how to keep track of people…If an organization has a significant number of employees, it can often be a challenge to keep track of where they all are. Some software systems can help regulate workflow in a medical practice by tracking the work of individual employees, but these require some type of manual input on some level.

In case you were wondering if you could implant RFID (radio frequency identification devices) in human beings, some states are already beginning to legislate the matter. California, as is often the case, is at the leading edge in technology-related legal standards. A bill recently signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger prevents employers from forcing employees to have RFID chips installed as a condition of employment or in return for payment.

And while it doesn’t address the issue of voluntary RFID implantation, it has placed a moratorium on the use of these chips in children for the next three years, presumably until more research on safety and security risks can be adequately addressed.

So, for now, medical practices will have to continue to rely on yelling down hallways or paging people overhead to account for live bodies.

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