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Affordable Care Act Will Work If We Embrace It: Column


What: Peter Anderson, a columnist on USA Today’s website, says that “we can provide better care for our patients and ensure the long-term viability of our industry by embracing the reforms that have been put in place rather than fighting them.” But by only briefly mentioning his landmark legislation, the President missed an important opportunity to explain how the reforms will make the system better from the ground up. As a ‘conservative’ primary care doctor, Dr. Anderson says he has come to realize that, far from being a ‘government takeover’, the law forces hospitals, emergency rooms and primary care physicians to work together through the use of ACOs (accountable care organizations).

Why: Says Dr. Anderson: “Having served as a primary care physician for more than 30 years, it pains me to see others struggling under the current broken system. But the more I learn about the ACA, the more convinced I become that it may actually be good for patients, doctors and the entire health care system.” He says that other physicians should put their political feelings aside and consider its broader implications.


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